by Wither

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The Sophomore EP entitled "Foundations" addresses different issues we engage in as people. The album is based off the medieval Latin hymn, "Dies Irae" (Day of Judgment). The different subjects include moral and philosophical relativism, and lack of charity towards humanity.


released March 21, 2016

All music written/arranged/recorded by Wither

Instruments recorded with Levi Miller
Front and Center Recordings

Vocals recorded with Paul Hernandez
Below the Surface Recordings

Mixed/Mastered with Will Beasley

Album artwork by Jose Rodriguez



all rights reserved


Wither Silver Spring, Maryland

This band exists to spark thought, encourage conversation, and promote cultural and societal change.

Psalm 103:15

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Track Name: Veritas (ft. Juan Pardo of Timewalk)
"Rex tremendæ majestatis, qui salvandos salvas gratis, salva me, fons pietatis." (King of tremendous majesty, Who freely savest those that have to be saved, save me, source of mercy)[1]

"Recordare, Jesu pie, quod sum causa tuæ viæ: Ne me perdas illa die."
(Remember, merciful Jesus, that I am the cause of Thy way: Lest Thou lose me in that day.) [1]

Simplistic thought breeds lack of understanding. Belief gives birth to relativity. Pressured vision brings unfocused gaze, my eyes no longer anchored to eternity.[2]

In death my mother is dust, I will return to such.[3]
In life I’m no longer judged, I am in the Ancient One.[4]

The truth has overcome.

Death struck; Nature quaking, all creation is awaking.[5]

[1] Stanzas 8 and 9 of Medieval Latin Hymn Dies Irae
[2] Hebrews 12:2
[3] Mother Gaia, Genesis 3:19
[4] John 8:10,11
[5] 4th Stanza of Medieval Latin Hymn Dies Irae
Track Name: Dies Irae (ft. Dan Gibbes of Venomspitter)
Do not look upon the open exterior, but rather cleave to the ulterior. [1]
Let us measure your endeavors, to befittingly cast judgment on another
When the scales fall off of you,[2] your intentions are a reflection of your view. Your vantage point is not so clear.

Renew our vision.

Behold, your foundations, are crumbling beneath the Earth.

Our tongues scream in angst:
Day of wrath and doom impending; Heaven and Earth in ashes ending.[3]

But mercy triumphs over judgment.[4]
Seek justice, walk humbly, and always love mercy.[5]
Mercy triumphs over judgment.

[1] 1 Samuel 16:7
[2] Acts 9:18
[3] 1st Stanza of Medieval Latin Hymn Dies Irae
[4] James 2:13
[5] Micah 6:8
Track Name: Children of Tyranny (ft. Josh Shaner of Suffer Through)
Deprecate your brothers, view them as your pawn. Your desecration is spewed with no remorse or thought. Slaves to the dark, serpents at your feet. Don't tread on their heads lest you give into their hate.

Your children feel no sympathy when they’ve succumb to the hands of tyranny. We mend broken hearts with broken bones. This place of darkness was never my home.

The judge comes quickly, he will investigate everything strictly.[1]
No place of mercy, children of Hell, bearer of suffering.[2]

Sing to me a melody, a hymn full of malice, a hymn of bigotry. There is no unity, when your deeds inject venom inside of me.

[1] 2nd Stanza of Medieval Latin Hymn Dies Irae
[2] Matthew 23:15
Track Name: Benevolence (ft. Hunter Puhr of War Prayer)
The moral failure of our nation, our daughters speak arrogance. Pursuing their violations, our abuse is found in negligence.[1]

Our minds won't speak corruption.[2] We plead don't breed pollution.[3]

Lives rooted in abominations.[1] Your fear is found in punishment.[4] Sons breathe in hypocritical mindsets, and exhale broken covenants.[5]

King of tremendous majesty, save me oh source of mercy.[6] Do not pass me by, do not abandon me to die.[7]

What you've done to the least of my brothers, I tell you the truth, you have done it unto me.[8]

[1] Ezekiel 16:49, 50
[2] Romans 12:2
[3] James 1:27
[4] 1 John 4:18
[5] Ezekiel 16:59
[6] 8th Stanza of Medieval Latin Hymn Dies Irae
[7] Luke 18:38, “Open My Eyes” Katie Reed
[8] Matthew 25:40